Wild Women Forge Forward

"Moving from strength to strength."

- Dr. Tammy Yard McCracken, Pys.D

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Our Mission

We are committed to creating opportunities for women to step into their agency and personal authority through valid, effective, & relevant community level education and training programs.

500 Rising started as a face-palm blog post. A personal rant by our CEO/President about strength and power with the #METOO movement. The METOO movement helped bring activation for social awareness to the stubborn statistics in sexual violence. But what no meme or hashtag can do (and yes we have a hashtag too), is give Target demographics the skills necessary to change the statistics at an individual level.

Violence against women means many things: sexual assault, rape, physical assault, domestic violence, workplace harassment, psychological abuse, etc. We firmly believe the final solution is cultural and social change. We also know fundamental cultural shifts take decades and we aren’t willing to wait.  


Action we are taking now:

  • Educating instructors in relevant & effective women’s self-defense. Topics addressed include:
    • Threat assessment & situational awareness
    • The social & psychological evolution of violence
    • Conflict management
    • Psychological realities (trauma, aftermath, etc.)
    • Legal & ethical realities
    • Research based teaching technologies
    • Psycho-social reality of boundary management
    • Skills & background on violence perpetrated by someone known to her (80% of violence against women)


We stand on strong shoulders of women who have gone before us.