M.E. Heald (Maggy)

[email protected]

Maggy started with 500Rising in June 2020 with a basic understanding of self-defense from one class in college and exposure to training self-defense at Minnesota Department of Corrections. She instantly fell in love with the community 500Rising was creating. 500Rising brings together humans who want to foster an independent growth mindset in a safe environment for discussion and training in practical/technical physical skills. 500Rising is different from other self-defense curricula in many ways and her favorite difference is education on the aftermath of using self-defense.

“After three years in 500Rising I have personally watched our growth and our ability to facilitate change in the statistics of sexual and domestic violence in women’s lives. I continue to be an instructor and board member with 500Rising because I truly believe in its mission to change the far too long stagnate statics. As a woman in a male dominated field, learning to take up space and set my boundaries continues to be an important part of my life.” Maggie enjoys exploring the world via hikes and traveling. She believes the practical and technical skills learned with 500Rising have empowered her to explore the world with confidence. When not at work, you will most likely find her wandering on foot with her puppy.


We stand on strong shoulders of women who have gone before us.