$425.00 USD

Level One - Delaware

Middletown, Delaware 

7 Elements Krav Maga

Unsure about signing up? Listen to internationally recognized self-defense instructor Randy King on his experience with the course from June 2023.

Sign Up Now! The course includes 1.5 days of online material to be completed prior to the in-person unit.

What you'll get:

  • in-depth data driven information on violence prevention/management specifically for women
  • Crash course in physical dynamics for women in self-defense
  • Deep Instructor development in how to build rapport, use research to facilitate learning & design efficacious workshop style courses for women in your communities

Registration is generally considered nonrefundable as course space is limited. If a medical emergency prevents you from attending the in-person element (3 days) of the course you may inquire as to a partial refund. If warranted, the refund will reflect the extent to which you have completed the online material.


What People Are Saying:

"n incredible and highly educational weekend with the 500rising instructors learning how to teach women's self defence in such a progressive and practical way. An awe inspiring experience and knowledge all around. I found myself learning so much not just about the content but also the wide range of experiences, pathways and the raw force and determination of these women in the self defense industry and martial arts. There's so much I have been sheltered from - but so much that I can be hopeful for as we take baby steps to take our rightful place in this realm. Share awareness with both our female and male colleagues and help our communities be safer in an ever increasingly uncertain world.

L. Al-Minyawi

Well just to say I have just spent the weekend on the 500 Rising Women’s self defence course and had a fantastic experience, and that’s the difference, it was an experience !!!! I have been on many training courses for self defence over the years and all are more concentrated on the physical skills - this was a lot deeper and thought provoking, delving into the topics that generally are glossed over or not talked about or ignored!

K. Collyer